2018 written in purple fire in the sky

2018: We are Better Together

Already this year we are proving it. Each day you cook a meal, drive a van, stay overnight in a church building, provide moving help, or donate supplies, you add to the case.

We are better together.

You will probably hear this a lot as we look ahead at a #bettertogether year. Because it’s important. As a team — Family Promise staff, volunteers, congregations, community partners, and Board — we show up for our guest families and for each other.

A few weeks ago, there was a hosting mixup, and one entire week had no host and no volunteers. Within mere days, a plan was created, signup posted online, people resolved to make this work, and we did it. YOU did it.

Recently, our Executive Director resigned. As the transition takes shape, volunteers are again stepping in to fill the gaps. New commitments have been made to staffing our office. People have called offering their skills, time, and support. The search for a new director has begun. All guest services continue. Together we are doing this.

There is no doubt that the work we are doing can be challenging. But because we care about walking alongside guest families, empowering change, and sustainable livelihoods, the movement makes progress.

No one person could have done either of these early 2018 feats. But as a team, it works out as a beautiful illustration of what caring and committed hearts can accomplish.

This year will be exciting and challenging and rewarding. We will be able to help more and more families, and we will seek better and better ways to do that. We welcome your support and prayers and involvement. Thank you for taking the journey with this family team.

We are always better together.




By Katy Penner, Board PR/Communications Chair

Family Promise of Greater Wichita unites hearts and hands to provide compassionate hospitality and empower homeless families with children to achieve sustainable independence. We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. All donations are tax-deductible.

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