Frequently Asked Questions


How long do families stay in the Network?    

This depends on each family’s goals and individual needs, but the average stay nationwide is 65-70 days.

Where do guest families stay during the day on weekends?    

Families stay at the Day House or do weekend activities.

How are families referred to the Network?    

A network of community partners refers families to us, and they must meet criteria and make commitments to our program. An in-depth intake interview process takes place after a family initially qualifies.

What are some advantages of the Family Promise program over a more traditional shelter?

A Family Promise Affiliate (there are 200+ nationwide) has these advantages in communities:

  • It is cost-effective because it utilizes existing community resources.
  • This program doesn’t institutionalize shelter as a solution to homelessness.
  • About 76 percent of the guest families find permanent housing, often with volunteers’ help.
  • Family Promise can be a vital outreach ministry within the walls of the members’ own church or faith building.
  • Many affiliate programs go on to start other community-based initiatives that contribute to the area’s unique needs.